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Post  Ryley on Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:38 pm

Rule 1:
No cussing/cyber bullying/stalking
We don't want anyone getting hurt physical and/or emotionally. Remember this site is a good place to talk to friends and family
Rule 2:
No inappropriate comments or pictures
If you post any inappropriate comments or pictures you will be banned from this site. If you get banned than you may or may not be able to log back in depends on how long your banned. Remember banning maybe forever so please don't do anything inappropriate this site is for you to have fun on.
Rule 3:
No spanning
We all span a little bit but please don't do it all the time.
Rule 4:
It's okay to tell the admin when you or others are being hurt. When you tell the adimin send a PM or a private message saying your username or the victim's username the bully's user name and what rule that person(s) was breaking,that will determine how long they are banned. Once the admin(me) gets this PM then I will see if this is the truth. If not than you will be banned and not the other person
Rule 5:
This website is about having fun and chatting with others.
Thank you
-Ryley(the admin)

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